Tuesday, October 21, 2008 at 11:46:34 AM

The Medical Executive Committee has approved the following change to reflex testing on outpatient specimens with negative Influenza A&B antigen testing. Effective November 3, 2008:

A reflexed viral culture for Influenza A&B only will be performed.

Previously, a full viral culture for the 7 common respiratory viruses was performed.

The exceptions to this are inpatients,nursing home patients and patients from other community living facilities, where identification of any significant virus would be important for epidemiological purposes.

A full viral respiratory culture can be ordered instead of, or in addition to the rapid influenza antigen test when warranted by indicating this on the outpatient order form.

Please feel free to call Diane Madison, Supervisor, Microbiology department at 763-6869 with any questions.

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