Mammograms - Physician Order Process Change

Monday, March 16, 2009 at 1:39:53 PM

In response to the changes in the Local Cover Determination (LCD) for Medicare (12/1/08 revision), effective March 16, 2009 the UHSH Breast Center will be requesting diagnostic mammogram and breast ultrasound orders from the ordering Health Care Provider when additional views or breast ultrasound are requested by the Radiologist. This change is also needed to ensure correct communication takes place by the Next Gen system. Next Gen only alerts the ordering practitioner of mammogram results through the provider approval cue, Next Gen doesn’t alert the attending practitioner.

The Breast Center understands that this will represent a practice change. The Breast Center staff will work closely with our health care provider offices to make this as seamless as possible. The nurses at the Breast Center will request the orders when they fax the report indicating when the patient will return. Please fax orders to 763-6296.

If you have any questions please contact Susan Kost, Program Manager UHSH Breast Center, at 763-6118.

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